About PhotoVOCA - December 2014

The PhotoVOCA project is currently stalled.

Much as we love PhotoVOCA and the concept behind it, we believe continued development would ultimately be futile. Our decision to base version two on Adobe AIR to ease cross-platform development has not served us well; each update to Adobe AIR has brought us new problems but few solutions. Camera and photo import remain dysfunctional and support for new mobile accessibility features, email and file sharing services have not been forthcoming - these are all critical to the function of PhotoVOCA.

Adobe's Roadmap for the platform gives us little hope this will change in future. As 2015 approaches we've found that the third-party native extensions we've been relying on to fill these gaps will no longer be updated as their developers have also abandoned AIR development. Going forward would mean a complete ground up re-write of PhotoVOCA and at present we don't have the time or resources to attempt this.

Many thanks to everyone who has shared boards and helped to test and support version 2 of the app over the past two years; it is still available to you via the app store, but will no longer be updated and is not visible to new users.

The most popular sound boards created in PhotoVOCA are being transfered to a simpler free app for Windows, OSX and iPad which is now available on SEN Teacher. This app will be maintained in the long-term, but won't offer features such as board editing and content sharing. We'll also have an Android and Kindle version of this app completed by April.